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Are you facing difficulties to understand MATHEMATICS and/or PHYSICS for International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) / O-Level / AS and A-Level from Cambridge University?

And MATHEMATICS and/or PHYSICS Standard Level (SL) or Higher Level (HL) for International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme?

Do you want to prepare to get great score in IGCSE and IB Examination?

Do you live around Jakarta, Depok, Sentul or Bogor?

And do you need private teacher to guide you to solve the problem from IGCSE or IB past papers?

If the answers are YES for the questions above, so you are on the right blog that you are looking for.

I have experiences in teaching IGCSE and IB syllabus of mathematics as follows:

1. Number, set notation and language
2. Squares and cubes
3. Directed numbers
4. Vulgar and decimal fractions and percentages
5. Ordering
6. Standard form
7. The four rules
8. Estimation
9. Limits of accuracy
10. Ratio, proportion, rate
11. Percentages
12. Use of an electronic calculator
13. Measures
14. Time
15. Money
16. Personal and household finance
17. Graphs in practical situations
18. Graphs of functions
19. Straight line graphs
20. Algebraic representation and formulae
21. Algebraic manipulation
22. Functions
23. Indices
24. Solutions of equations and inequalities
25. Linear programming
26. Geometrical terms and relationships
27. Geometrical constructions
28. Symmetry
29. Angle properties
30. Locus
31. Mensuration
32. Trigonometry
33. Statistics
34. Probability
35. Vectors in two dimensions
36. Matrices
37. Transformations

And Physics' syllabus contains AS/A Level material:

I. General Physics
1.  Physical quantities and units
2.  Measurement techniques

II. Newtonian mechanics
3. Kinematics
4. Dynamics
5. Forces
6. Work, energy, power
7. Motion in a circle
8. Gravitational field

III. Matter
 9. Phases of matter
10. Deformation of solids
11. Ideal gases
12. Temperature
13. Thermal properties of materials

IV. Oscillations and waves
14. Oscillations
15. Waves
16. Superposition

V. Electricity and magnetism
17. Electric fields
18. Capacitance
19. Current of electricity
20. D.C. circuits
21. Magnetic fields
22. Electromagnetism
23. Electromagnetic induction
24. Alternating currents

VI. Modern Physics
25. Charged particles
26. Quantum physics
27. Nuclear physics

VII. Gathering and communicating information
28. Direct sensing
29. Remote sensing
30. Communicating information

VIII. IB Options
31. Option A : Relativity
32. Option B : Engineering
33. Option C : Imaging
34. Option D : Astrophysics

Teaching experiences to the students at many schools :

British International School Jakarta
Sekolah Tiara Bangsa (ICS International Jakarta)
Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) International
BINUS International
Global Jaya International
Raffles International
Mentari International School
Ichthus School
High Scope Indonesia
Sekolah Victory Plus (International Program)
Global Prestasi School (International Program)

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